Class Blogs 


Each week the students in each class will be posting a blog on what they’ve been doing during their week at school. 

Being Average – By E.P.

Eton Dorney School isn’t just any average normal school you find anywhere. a plain building with a few books that you can get an average education from is far different from what it is like . Being different isn’t always a bad thing it gives you a meaning , something to show for , something to be proud of . The word average can impact the way you feel to stand out in life why would you?, yes you want to be the same as everyone else looking the same , doing the same things but being at a different school makes you special and you’re going to be the one that makes it that way. Eton Dorney School can provide you with a chance to prove yourself. It can give you an education in the same as every other school can except with a bit of extra support to get you there, who doesn’t want a little bit of help in life? Even the most average of person could do with a bit of extra support but you don’t even have to look at it that way, because every help you can get in life all is beneficial to you at the end of the day . 

Sports – By B.D.

like this school because of what the school offers, especially kayaking. I have become good at kayaking and would like to teach others. I like Forest School because we get to make hot chocolate and cook marshmallows.

P.E – By J.R.

Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School meets students’ needs in the school. They have a very good PE teacher who teaches a variety of PE activities for the students. This is my favourite subject in the school. I like PE because it is a good subject to have. There is good interaction with my peers because you get to work with them. This is good because we make use of our team work skills.


Animal Care – By J.C.

At Eton Dorney School we do Animal Care. I like this because the chickens are nice and calming. I get to care for them which I like doing.