Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School offers a wide and varied curriculum to provide a broad range of learning experiences. At Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School we offer GCSEs, AQA Unit Awards, Functional Skills and BTECs. The learning journey that all our students undertake ensures that, with careful support, they are all able to achieve accreditation. This, for many, will be the stepping-stone to further education college course.

This curriculum is designed to provide rich, interesting and enjoyable learning experiences that take into account individual student needs, abilities, preferences and interests. During the school day students have access to the full National Curriculum, supported by rural, outdoor learning and life skills opportunities.

Curriculum Aims

  • To offer the full National Curriculum, vocational opportunities and accredited courses including GCSEs and BTECs as appropriate to each student’s abilities and needs.
  • To meet the needs of each student through a planned programme that is implemented and supported across the disciplines of education, care and specialist therapies.
  • To ensure that creative teaching leads to progression in each student’s learning and development, from both a day-to-day and year-to-year perspective.
  • To review the needs of each student regularly with a view to setting appropriate, relevant and meaningful targets in his or her Individualised Learning Plan.
  • To review, monitor and track each student’s progress against their set targets.

Our 14 – 18 Curriculum offers students opportunities to access:

  • Accredited courses and examinations including  GCSE, BTEC
  • Vocational courses
  • Local College courses
  • Work-related Learning (in-house & external job sites)
  • AQA unit awards
  • The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince’s Trust Award schemes
  • Specialist therapies

To meet individual needs and to facilitate access to the curriculum, students have access to a range of therapies, as required. These include:

  • Speech, Language and Communication Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy, including Sensory Integration
  • Clinical Psychology support

Eton Dorney

Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School is a specialist provision with emphasis on students with needs associated with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, moderate learning difficulties, emotional difficulties and SEMH difficulties and associated complex needs.



Lake End Road Dorney
South Buckinghamshire