Forest school

At Eton Dorney School we believe Forest School fosters a deeper relationship and understanding between the learner and the natural world, encouraging respect and a sense of responsibility.

It provides a community of trust and belonging. It encourages the ability to recognise and manage risk as well as a fun and positive attitude to learning.

The ethos of Forest School is based on a fundamental respect for children and young people and for their capacity to instigate, test and maintain curiosity in the world around them.

It believes in children’s right to play; the right to access the outdoors (and in particular a woodland environment); the right to access risk and the vibrant reality of the natural world; and the right to experience a healthy range of emotions, through all the challenges of social interaction, to build a resilience that will enable continued and creative engagement with their peers and their potential. It is an approach to education that makes use of the outdoor environment to create a unique learning vehicle.

Forest School sessions provide increasingly diverse opportunities for children to benefit from a supportive curriculum that can help children build positive values and attitudes about themselves, about learning, and the environment in which they live. Children are given appropriately challenging and achievable tasks that build their confidence, skills and independence, and are given the time to thoroughly explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships. This time and reflective practice develops inter and intrapersonal skills, which are well documented as being directly linked to learning skills.

“An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults, regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence and self esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland environment.”

Forest School England

“I love having the chance to learn new things outdoors”


Eton Dorney

Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School is a specialist provision with emphasis on students with needs associated with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, moderate learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties and associated complex needs.



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