Our Values

Our aim is to deliver specialist educational, vocational, therapeutic and residential care services for young people who have complex needs including learning difficulties and emotional behavioural difficulties. Together we seek to inspire, enable, develop and support young people to achieve their full potential on their lifelong learning journey.

Our school vision is:

Our key principles are as follows:

  • To ensure that each young person feels their happiest while at school
  • To deliver a rich and varied programme of activities with a strong emphasis on building and developing vocational skills
  • To provide life skills opportunities to prepare each of our students for a rewarding and fulfilling adult life
  • To establish positive home school relationships with parents, carers and pupils
  • To support pupils with behaviour management through rewards and incentives
  • To create an atmosphere based on mutual respect with a secure and safe environment where students can develop and thrive.

Our school promotes a safe and supportive environment where everyone is valued and our expectations regarding standards of behaviour are clearly communicated. Each individual student is valued within a safe, caring and supportive community, characterised by high levels of encouragement, quality teaching and the highest standards of emotional care.

We work in partnership with outside agencies to encourage students to become responsible, happy and progress towards a fulfilling adult life.

Eton Dorney

Eton Dorney School is a specialist provision with emphasis on students with needs associated with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, moderate learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties and associated complex needs.



Lake End Road
South Buckinghamshire