Strategic Vision and Plan 

Background and Current Position

Our school community is confidently led by a Governing Body and Leadership Team who have a clear and directive vision for our school. The leadership team have the ability and experience to secure the commitment of all stakeholders to our vision.

As a team we will act with integrity and consistently in line with our agreed vision, setting clear goals to structure the strategic intentions. We value all contributions and will make every effort to celebrate our successes.

The leadership team will link the vision with actual school and classroom practices and student learning, monitoring and adapting methodologies depending on our progress. We will reconsider and revise the vision where necessary and encourage a visionary approach at all levels.

Whatever your role within our school we want all to enjoy their work. We understand our pupils and want them to have fun with the students and each other. Our teachers instil in the students a love for their subject, all other members of the Eton Dorney School community assist in ensuring that we develop well rounded and independent young people. Our emphasis this year will be upon ensuring that we all continue to develop our craft within the classroom.

Eton Dorney School has made excellent progress since we opened in 2018 and we have secured a ”Good’ grade with Ofsted. However, we are not complacent, We seek to ensure that the next 3 years are as productive as possible. As a community of governors, parents staff and students, we have developed our core values and these form the basis for all our planning and review.

As a leadership team we have a real sense of responsibility that as leaders we will keep abreast of new educational theory and practice. However, we will always ensure we act in the best interests of our young people and the community we serve.

Developing the vision

In summer 2018 through collaboration with all Eton Dorney School Staff, governors and parents over an extended period of time, a more recognised strategic approach for the development of the school was felt required for future sustainability and further developments of the school.

The plan has been broadly set out around the four key strategic themes. We have added our fifth, sixth and seventh strategic intent which puts an emphasis around our Post 16 provision and making sure that we as a school are eco-friendly. 

1.Establish an high aspiration success culture which builds an innovative lifelong learning community and ensuring that all pupils transition into a positive destination from their previous educational point.

2. Develop an aspirational and inspirational curriculum. Including developing our therapeutic offer where this is an integral part of the learner’s journey and success

3.Develop a sustainable and high quality distributive leadership team

4. To develop good to outstanding teaching, learning and assessment 

5. To develop our therapeutic offer and create innovative opportunities and experiences to enhance pupils learning and successful outcomes.

6. To develop a strategic approach to ensure that pupil’s and staff’s mental health and well-being are at the forefront of everything we do.

7. To develop a strategic plan to become a single-use plastic free school.

The outcomes of which will be:

  • Our vision statement is shared and lived by all
  • Academic achievement is achieved by all students
  • There is high participation by students, staff and parents
  • Our environment is reflective of our ethos as being eco-friendly.
  • The school works in partnership with the local community relationships are characterised by trust, challenge and respect
  • Students voice’s are active and valued.
  • This will be seen in forum student working parties and governing body meetings
  • All staff and students enjoy a reasonable work life balance
  • The school collaborates and shares activities with other students in identified schools nationally and globally.
  • All subject teachers have been asked to identify in their own one year plans how they will contribute to a number of the school’s key priorities for 2018-2019
  • Underpinning all of our work is the need to secure for funding to resource our learning community and enable staff and students to be successful within a building which is “fit for purpose”.
  • Establish the premise that ICT underpins all our work and electronic technology that delivers, supports and empowers learning and teaching
  • Ensure that there is a 3-year maintenance plan in place
  • Effectively bid regularly for new sources of funding.
  • Create and sustain an outstanding post16 provision
  • We will work closely with local schools and develop excellent practices.
  • We look forward to exciting times ahead….