Weekly Points Earner 

Each week our students get awards for earning the highest points during the school week. Below is an image of what the award certificate that our students receive looks like.

Term 6 – Week 1

The highest points earner for this week was E.P who earned 98% of her total points. Well Done for your hard work on getting so many points. 

Term 6 – Week 2

The highest points earner for this week was E.P again who earned 100% and did an amazing job doing so. She was awarded a voucher in assembly from the senior leadership team. Well Done E.P.

Term 6 – Week 3 

This week we’ve had many students who’ve got 100% of their weekly points. Our winners this week was J.Y, C.M and J.R. Well done to all of them for their hard work.  

Term 6 – Week 4 

This week we’ve have some amazing work done by our students and as a result, they have gained 10% of their weekly points this week. Our winners are J.C, N.A, L.R and CM. Well done on the hard work that all of them did.