Senior Leadership Team

Melissa Farnham

I am very proud to have been appointed as the Head Teacher of Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School, at such an important phase of the schools next steps.
 As I embark on my third Headship, I am looking forward to working in partnership with you.  I bring experience and skills that run across school leadership as well as  a 24 year teaching career in a variety of SEND settings.

I have  been privileged to represent young people and  SEND schools through ministerial meetings, lead training for education and care professionals around PDA and ACES.
My own education journey was one I had to navigate with the support of some great teachers, moving between children’s homes and family, school to school, and then supported living at 15. I hope that the Eton Dorney family can support the young people on our ‘watch ‘as well as I was.
Narges Gonzalez
Deputy Headteacher

Teachers & Leads

Charlotte Hill – Pastoral & Welfare Lead
Deputy Safeguarding Lea
Miriam Stallard
Illyaas El Garni
Lydia Oikonomou
Iwona Maria Wawer
Kierran Anderson
Interventions Tutor

Teaching Assistants

Laura Woodcoock
Patrick Lyne
Simone Justice
Steven Quelch
Yayha Bira
Mary Littlehales
Leah King
Oskar Budnik
Sahra Akram
Reece Hammond

Support Staff

Robyn Campbell
Saiqa Rafiq
School Administrator
James Randall
School Chef