Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School is a nurturing and friendly school, where everyone is valued and respected as individuals. We provide pupils with a broad and balanced education in order for them to progress and succeed in a calm, safe and understanding setting. We restore confidence in an inspiring learning culture with opportunities and experiences to ensure pupils are encouraged, supported and challenged, as they develop a love of learning. At Eton Dorney Independent School, we place pupils are at the center of everything we do. We encourage our pupils to become kind, compassionate, confident independent, well-rounded individuals, equipped with all the skills to lead a successful and rewarding life. A life that they so rightly deserve to have. Pupils at Eton Dorney Independent School are encouraged to face challenges, become resilient to believe in themselves and are proud of their achievements and life journey.

Our Values

Nurturing Kindness, Compassion and Self Belief

Our Vision

Our key principles are as follows:

  • Our vision statement is led by the Leadership and Management team, but lived, role modelled and shared by all
  • Academic achievement is achieved by all pupils and the quality of education is exceptional
  • The curriculum intent and implementation & impact are embedded consistently across all subjects and all pupils, irrelevant of their SEND. All pupils are challenged to reach their full potential
  • To ensure every pupil is challenged to succeed to be the best they can be in reading, writing and maths
  • To have lessons, experiences and opportunities which explore and develop, creating a culture of love of learning and life long learning skills
  • Behaviour and attitudes focus on positive outcomes and empowerment for young people
  • Relationships are established by nurture, trust, challenge and mutual respect. Pupils demonstrate self control with consistently positive attitudes to their education
  • Student voice is active, valued and embedded as our culture