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Careers Advice

From the start of life at Eton Dorney, pupils are coached into being aware of the reason that they are at school.  The greater this awareness, the clearer the goals of the students and the more motivation is evident.  This self-motivation is invaluable in terms of success for our young people. We actively encourage the ‘I want to be a…’ philosophy from an early age. As a result of this we have a proactive strategy for the careers Information, advice and guidance that we provide to our young people.


To ensure we embed and promote this strategy effectively we have a dedicated staff team to support this:


Gareth Ellis, our motivation, careers and community lead:

Frankie Perryman our Careers Administration


Both Gareth and Frankie can also be contacted by telephone through the main Reception on 01628 667475


Although we ensure that Pathway stages are flexible as we work inline to students’ bespoke needs.

The strategy is embedded within a clear framework outlined below.  It reflects the school’s ethos and meets the needs of all students by focusing on the Eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career




A stable career programme:


  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal guidance


We provide access to a range of activities that inspire young people, including employer talks, a careers fair, motivational speakers and college visits. 


We also consider the needs of students who require more sustained or intensive support before they are ready to make career decisions. 


Mentoring is an important part of delivering against the duty of the school to deliver impartial careers advice.  Careers education is provided across the year groups during tutorial time where weekly activities, tailored to the year group, are provided across specific terms throughout the school year.  In addition to this, enrichment activities support careers awareness and subjects are encouraged to integrate careers into their individual curricula.



Year Group focus:


Year 7 focus: Personal attributes - developing self-awareness with a view to future career choices 


Year 8 focus: The importance of education in allowing choice – ensuring pupils understand the benefits of a good education and experience


Year 9 focus: Qualifications and gaining experience – focusing on the importance of choosing the correct options and using the school environment to support qualifications with achievements and experience.


Year 10 focus: Skills for employment - utilising the tools of work experience, CV and letters of application writing and mock interviews to introduce students to the process of embarking on a career.  Exploring places of further education is also part of enrichment.


Year 11 focus: Preparation for post 16 opportunities – ensuring that students develop a goal for their next stage of education to provide purpose to their studies