Dear Parents & Carers,


As you are aware, many schools in the UK were told to close with the exception of those who provide education for children with EHCP’s, PPG and those on the list of vulnerabilities. As a result, we have tried our best to meet the needs of all these young people. With yesterday’s announcement from the Prime Minister, the chair of governors and directors have made the decision to close the school at 3pm today (24.03.20).  This means that there will be no education onsite or Outreach until further notice.

Over the week, the seriousness of COVID-19 situation has escalated. Social distancing is now vital to slow the spread of the virus. Each day we are seeing further developments to stop gatherings of more than two people, hence this is why the school has made the decision to close.

With regards to providing a continuous provision of education, the school has set up two learning platforms including Maths and English. Information about these will be shared with all parents and carers by the end of today. The school will also be providing individualized education packs electronically to all pupils. This will ensure that no pupil is missing out on education during this pandemic.

We understand that parents and carers are not qualified teachers however you are amazing facilitators that will be able to follow our plans to keep structure and continuity to the pupil’s learning. We will also be providing you with a generic, weekly timetable which you can use to facilitate structure to your days.  During term time closure, all our teachers will be available to provide support and advice, where needed, via email. Teachers will be in contact with you this afternoon to organize contact details in the event that you need to speak to them.

The plan to is re-open the school on the 20th of April, the planned first day of the summer term. I will be having meetings with the directors of Calcot Services for Children, owners and proprietors of Eton Dorney School, and the Chair of Governors on the 16th of April to review this. I will advise you if there is any change to this opening date as we stay up to date with the government guidance and our legal obligations to implement socially distancing.

I will be providing my mobile number as an emergency contact during this time of closure. This will be made available on our school website.

This is an unprecedented time for us all, but I want to reassure you that, as a community, we must all support each other so please do contact me if you require any assistance or clarity.

As ever, please keep safe.

Kind regards,

Ms. L. Parmentier Headteacher

Please be aware that new guidance has been published about the coronavirus – please click to read

Please be aware that new guidance has been published about the coronavirus. This includes if you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for 7 days from when your symptoms started. Please call Mrs Parmentier our Head Teacher if you have any concerns on 01628 667475.

Further details can be found here. 

Mrs L Parmentier

Executive Headteacher

Eton Dorney School

Eton Dorney

01628 667475