Since the Easter break the school has been open to support the most vulnerable children and to those children who have parents who are key workers. Teachers have been supporting the remaining students with on line learning and care support packages to ensure not only learning continues as smoothly as possible, but the safeguarding and welfare of all students has remained a top priority in the day to day operations of the school. Reduced numbers of students in the school has supported social distancing and ensured a safe environment for students and staff alike.

From the 11th of May, the school moved to the second planned stage of operation, by supporting students to attend in cohorts, or bubbles, on alternate weeks. This means that all students get face to face contact with their teacher every other week and when not in school their e learning continues via virtual platforms. This was seen as essential for the students at the school who have complex learning and behavioural needs to ensure continuity and to best support their learning needs.

The school have planned to manage social distancing for all students and teaching staff, with set routines for drop off and pick up, hygiene routines well established for all staff and students throughout the school day, in depth risk assessments   and reduced numbers in school by planning attendance in cohorts. Regular and daily deep cleaning of the school is undertaken.

The school remain ready for further changes to guidance on education, should the government announce that all children will return to school on the 1st of June. All decisions in regards to this will be made with the safety of students and staff as paramount, with the appropriate measures in place to support this.