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Quality Assurance at Eton Dorney Therapeutic School

As an Independent School we have determined our Governance through a robust quality Assurance cycle and this plays a critical role within the school. Our Governance team is made up of local community partnership groups, internal quality assurance support and challenge as well as external improvement educational partners. It means school is fully integrated with the local community, responsive to local parents and, crucially, connected with, learning from other professionals; ensuring our school is fully linked with the world outside.



Joint proprietors of CSfC; Harvinder and Sukhbir Singh

oversee our school's quality assurance cycle. 

Who is involved?

How do we monitor the school's progress?

What does our Quality Assurance cycle look like?




Quality Assurance Strand

Monitoring scheme of delegation

Strategy direction and quality improvement of whole school

Half termly meetings with Head Teacher

Biannual Performance review cycle of Head Teacher

CSFC – internal Quality Assurance model

Performance management and delivery of the school quality improvement plan

Weekly management meetings and ongoing reporting via the school monitoring wheel structure

School Leadership Team

Ofsted Standards

7 annual visits and reports to inform the School Quality improvement plan

Buckinghamshire School Improvement Partnership

Student progress from start point.

Student outcomes

Termly visits, review and advice

Access to national moderation and development for staff team

Bsquared Data

Annual External Safeguarding Audit


Annual audit and remote advice as and when required.

RBWM Local Authority

Independent Safeguarding Auditor and Advisor

Community Liaison Partnerships


Termly meeting to review community impact and partnerships

Parish Council