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Eton Dorney Independent Therapeutic School

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Our Staff


Headteacher: Ms Walsh 

Assistant head: Mr Ellis 

Assistant head and SENCO: Miss Dear

Family engagement: Ms Malik

Business manager: Ms Wilkins 

School Receptionist: Ms Richardson 


Teaching staff: 

Mr Kulesza

Ms Covell

Mr Ahmed

Mr Clifton

Ms Qureshi

Ms Newdecker

Ms Entwistle

Ms Arion

Ms Anghel


Support Staff: 

Mr Perryman

Mr Anderson

Mr Adamidis

Mr Bhamra

Ms Barton- Maynard

Ms Quail

Ms Edwards 

Mr Ahmed 

Ms Simon 

Ms De Klerk

Ms Abbas

Ms Akram

Ms Bonner

Ms Williams 

Ms Webb

Ms Tahir


School Cook: Ms Dennett

Kitchen assistant: Ms King